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$30 dollars is a lot of money! When you donate $30 to HELP, you are paying for three children to receive childcare while their parents receive an education that will change their lives. Who could turn that down!

Go to Education is the Key

Education is the Key

$60 dollars is a TON of money! When you donate $60 dollars to HELP, you are actually paying for two English learners to get the best educational experience of their lives! There is no better way to HELP!

Go to Let’s Get Rollin’

Let’s Get Rollin’

$100!? You’re on fire! When you donate $100 dollars to HELP, you are paying to HELP us go mobile -our mobile classroom that is! We can take English and citizenship training to more people in Southern Utah than ever before! Get ready to rock and roll!

Go to Making it Easy

Making it Easy

You have so much to offer! Any amount you donate is appreciated. All the funds HELP receives go to the people who need it, and to make it easy, donate ANY amount you can through Paypal. Let’s start HELPing lives together!

We break down the language barrier to empower lives

H.E.L.P. - Humanitarian English Language Program - is a non-profit organization [501(c)(3)] focused on empowering the lives of migrant and ELL adults in rural and low-income areas of Utah. We do this through English and US citizenship education, which will ultimately help them and their families thrive in today's economy and job market. The language and citizenship training we provide will strengthen communities, bridge cultures, and create a unified populace.

What's unique about H.E.L.P. is that we are a mobile ESL classroom. We go to our students who reside in rural areas far from city centers like Provo and American Fork. We are fundraising for our mobile unit now, so visit our Donate section to learn more about how to donate.

  • 100% goes straight to the people who need it - no unnecessary overhead.

  • We are 100% dedicated to our students' success. We have the best teachers and use an amazing curriculum to empower lives.


We have an amazing team of dedicated professionals. We keep it small to make sure your donations go to the people you are HELPing.

Kay Smith

With over 30 years of teaching and adiminstrative experience, Kay is an amazing director for HELP. She is dedicated to HELPing students, and with her management experience, the success of HELP’s students is in good hands.

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Web Designer
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